Returning Home After Renting Out Your Property? 3 Reasons Carpet Cleaning Is Needed

Renting out your home while you're away for a long period of time can be a great idea when you want to earn some extra income to help cover your mortgage. While you can trust that your home will be taken care of when you have the help of a property manager that tends to your home while you're away, it can be a little more difficult when you have carpeting in your home. Read More 

Dust Control: What Can You Do To About The Dust In Your Shop?

If your current dust control methods aren't enough to keep your woodworking shop clean, you and your staff could be at risk for respiratory problems. The sawdust and other fine particles traveling through your shop's air can cause allergies, infections, and even cancer. Here's how wood dust can harm you and what you can do to improve your dust control methods. Why Is Wood Dust Dangerous? Although wood is a natural resource, many species or types of wood contain toxins, including lumber and exotic wood products. Read More 

The Benefits Of Power Washing Your Parking Lot

When you think of pressure washing a surface, a parking lot is not typically the first thing that comes to mind. Many people think of pressure washing their home's exterior, a deck or even a car. But if you own a parking lot or a parking structure, that surface can and should be power washed. Learning the benefits of doing so can help you see why it is important. Here are three benefits associated with power washing your parking lot. Read More 

Tips For Running An Office

Is your home office unorganized and overcrowded because you are unable to keep up with how fast your home business is growing? It might be time for you to move the office out of your house, such as into a building that has more space. Hiring a few people to assist with the business is another thing that should be considered to keep things flowing smoothly. There are things that must be done to ensure that you are able to maintain a professional image and not burn yourself out as your business continues to grow. Read More 

How To Clean Mold From Shower Curtains

If your bathroom smells musty near the tub, check the shower curtains for mold, which may appear in black, orange, pink, or green patches. Mold thrives in moist environments, which makes shower curtains susceptible.  Not treating mold can lead to health risks to those with compromised immune systems, so it is essential to clean it as soon as possible. Clean mold from shower curtains following these steps. Prepare to Clean the Shower Curtain Mold Read More