House Cleaning And Pet Owners: What You Need To Know

As a pet owner, house cleaning can be an incredible weight off your shoulders. Fur, dust, dander: it all seems to accumulate faster if you have pets in your house. But, having pets can also make getting a house cleaning crew a little more challenging, too. Here are a few things to consider.

Consult With the House Cleaning Service First

Many people have pets, but different house cleaning companies have different methods of dealing with pets in the house. Make sure you consult with your service first to determine whether they have any specific requirements.

Consider Being Home With the Cleaner

While cleaning services can occur when you aren't home, it's best to be home if you have pets, at least during the first few times. This will give you more of a feel for how the cleaner works and how your animals react.

Put Your Animals Away During Cleaning

For dogs, it's usually best to crate them or put them in a separate room. You may also want to do this with cats.

Remember: house cleaners also don't need to clean every room every time. You can have a designated "pet area" for when the house cleaners are over, especially if you aren't going to be home. This prevents accidental runaways.

Request Green Cleaning Solutions

Green cleaning solutions are natural solutions that don't contain harsh chemicals. Some of them are special formulas, while others are just things like old-fashioned vinegar and baking soda. They will clean effectively, but they also won't be potentially dangerous for your pets. 

Do Some Deep Cleaning

As a pet owner, you're more likely to need some occasional deep cleaning, such as upholstery cleaning, carpet washing, and vent and duct cleaning. Most cleaning services do surface and maintenance cleaning first. You may need to recommend further cleaning levels.

Make Sure They're Up on Shots

Rabies shots, in particular, are important not only for your pets but for anyone they come into contact with. Even the best-tempered animal can have a bad day, so it's best not to risk anything dangerous.

Pets are frequently disturbed by house cleaners at first because it's someone they don't know going into the recesses of their house. By keeping your pets away from the cleaners, making sure that only safe chemicals are used, and warning the cleaners in advance, you can have a clean and healthy home for your family and your furry friends.