FAQs From New Restaurant Owners About Kitchen Hood Cleaning

As a new restaurant owner, it can take some time to get used to all of the maintenance your restaurant needs. One item that really needs to be cleaned and cared for well is the kitchen hood. Whether you have one hood over some fryers or multiple hoods over all of your cooking stations, keeping the hoods cleaned is an important component of maintaining an overall clean and sanitary kitchen. Here are some questions you might have about that.

Who cleans the kitchen hoods?

Many restaurants hire a kitchen hood cleaning service to do this task. These companies have the equipment, cleaners, and staff to remove various components of the hood, clean them thoroughly, and then reassemble the hood. They can also come in after-hours to do the work. Sometimes restaurants have someone on their regular staff clean the hood, but this can be a pain to schedule, and it means you'll have to invest in the right equipment.

How often do the hoods need to be cleaned?

It's not a daily task or even a weekly one. However, the frequency at which hoods should be cleaned depends on how they are used. If you have fryers, they'll get dirty quite quickly, and you may need to have them cleaned every month or two. If you mostly boil and saute food, then your hoods won't get dirty nearly as quickly. And of course, restaurants that operate every day need their hoods cleaned more often than those that are only operating a few days per week. A good approach is to watch over your kitchen hood and keep track of how long it takes to get dirty. Then, schedule your subsequent cleaning appointments according to that timeline. For instance, if your hood takes three months to look dirty, then you can arrange to have it cleaned every three months.

Why is hood cleaning so important?

The kitchen hood exhausts cooking fumes to the outdoors; it needs to be clean in order to do this. A dirty hood may also drop little pieces of grime or gunk into the food below it. Plus, a hood that is too caked with grime is a risk for a fire. Finally, many hoods need to be cleaned to maintain their warranty.

Keeping the hoods clean is a small but important element of owning a restaurant. Talk to a hood cleaning company to schedule service and also to learn more about this task. For more information on kitchen hood cleaning, contact a professional near you.