DIY Vs. Professional Water Damage Restoration: Which Is Better?

Water damage restoration can cost you a pretty penny, depending on the extent of the damage. As such, you may be tempted to DIY the repair and restoration process. While DIY might look cheaper and more viable, it'd be better to let professionals do the job. Water damage restoration experts can identify problems you might not see. They will also offer better solutions and help you repair and reconstruct your property.

Here are some reasons you should ditch that DIY project and hire professionals. 

Underlying Health Hazards

Water damage brings different health hazards, such as bacteria, mold, and chemicals. Exposure to these hazards can cause health issues. You can run into three water types during a water damage restoration project: clean water, gray water, and blackwater.

Clean water damage occurs from clean water leaks or after flooding. Although the health risks associated with this water type are low, you can still suffer from health issues such as allergies. Gray water damage results from exposure to equipment discharges and chemical waste. It can be a breeding ground for contaminants and bacteria. Blackwater damage occurs with exposure to sewer water or water with urine, grease, and/or oil. This water hoards bacteria, toxic allergens, and viruses which pose a health risk.

When you hire a professional water damage restoration company, they assess the possible health hazards on your property. They do so while wearing protective gear. The experts also know how to safely deal with each type of water damage, reducing the risk of exposure to toxic substances.

A Thorough Diagnosis and Restoration Process

If you take up a DIY restoration project for your property, you will fix the damage on the surface. However, the water damage might be more extensive and cause problems in the future. In this case, you need a professional water damage restoration expert to diagnose the property.

Professional water damage control experts will scour your property to understand the severity of the damage. They know how to check even the unusual corners to identify all the affected areas and devise an appropriate course of action.

A water damage expert uses industry-grade equipment—such as dehumidifiers, blowers, and air scrubs—to restore moisture levels in your home. Such equipment can detect water damage issues beyond the surface, making your home safer.

Thorough Inspection for Reconstruction

Sometimes, the water damage in your property might be so extensive that you need to reconstruct the affected areas. You might not identify such issues, but a professional can. For instance, if your water pipes leak water on your ceiling for too long, it might be too damaged to repair. In such an instance, you might need to reconstruct the ceiling.

A water damage restoration company inspects your property thoroughly to document structural damage. They make the crucial calls on whether to repair or reconstruct water-damaged roofs or drywalls. The experts can even help you file insurance documents.

Contact a local water damage restoration service, such as HiCrest Restoration and Clean, to learn more.