Should You Schedule A Mold Inspection?

Mold is something that many homeowners don't think about until it becomes a major problem. Exposure to certain types of mold can lead to serious illness.

Unfortunately, your home can be a breeding ground for mold. This mold often hides behind walls or cabinets, making it hard to spot. The best way to ensure that your home is free from potentially toxic mold is to schedule a mold inspection.

Here are three unique circumstances when you should schedule a mold inspection for your peace of mind.

1. You Are Selling Your Home

If you have plans to sell your home, you will want to schedule a mold inspection first. Purchasing a new home is a major financial commitment.

Buyers want to know that they aren't investing in a property that will have significant problems in the future. Mold removal can be costly and inconvenient.

By taking the time to have a mold removal specialist inspect your home for mold before you list it, you can assure potential buyers that they will not be faced with the mold removal process once their purchase is complete.

2. You Are Buying a Home

Just as you would want to assure potential buyers that your home is free from mold, you want to know that any property you purchase doesn't have mold issues.

It's best to schedule a mold inspection for any property that you are thinking about making an offer on. A mold removal specialist will be able to thoroughly evaluate all areas for mold — even the areas that can be difficult to see.

It's especially important to schedule a mold inspection if you have your eye on an older home. Many older properties experience long-term moisture problems due to leaks or condensation. These moisture issues create the perfect conditions for mold growth.

3. You Have Respiratory Issues

If you or someone in your family suffers from respiratory issues, regular mold inspections are important.

A mold inspection will allow you to identify potential mold issues while they are still small enough to manage. You can have any mold that is found during an inspection removed before mold spores can trigger your respiratory system.

Anyone who has asthma, allergies, or chronic respiratory problems can benefit from routine mold inspections to prevent complications.

Mold inspections are the first step in any mold removal protocol. Reach out to a mold removal service in your area to schedule an inspection for your home today.