How Clean Is Your Restaurant’s Kitchen Hood?

If your restaurant prepares fried chicken, fries, or similar types of food throughout the day, your kitchen hood may need a good cleaning. Kitchen hoods are some of the most important parts of your kitchen's exhaust system. If your kitchen hood, or hood suppression system, builds up with grease, fat, and even dust, it can cause problems for your restaurant. Learn why your restaurant's kitchen hood needs a good cleaning.

How Important Is a Clean Kitchen Hood? 

Every restaurant that prepares and serves fried food requires a hood suppression system, or simply hood, in their kitchen. A hood removes smoke, heat, greasy residue, and other substances out of your kitchen throughout the day. If the hood builds up with debris, it won't keep your kitchen safe from fires. 

Your hood suppression system connects directly to the exhaust vents in your building. The exhaust vents generally sit on the surface of your building's roof. A clogged or blocked hood can prevent smoke and heat from exiting the building through the vents. If heat and smoke back up inside the vents, it can also trigger fires in your building.

After you close your restaurant for the day, take a look inside each hood in your kitchen. If you see clumps of grease, dirt, and other debris inside the hoods, call a cleaning company for assistance.

How Do You Clean Your Kitchen Hood?

A cleaning company can visit your restaurant and clean your hoods for you. Try to schedule the cleaning before your restaurant opens for the day. You can also ask a company to clean your hoods after your restaurant closes in the evening. 

A company will first remove all of the gunk from inside your kitchen hoods. A company will need to place the debris in a special container. Grease, oil, and other cooking substances may ignite if you expose them to heat. The container used by a cleaning company will keep the debris confined until they discard it properly.

After a company removes the debris from your hoods, they'll wash them out with a cleansing solution. The solution dissolves any oil or grease that may remain inside your kitchen hoods. A company will rinse and dry the hoods afterward.

If your stoves, ovens, and other appliances require cleaning during the visit, ask a company's contractors if they can do the job for you. Some cleaning companies offer full kitchen cleaning services to their commercial clients. So don't be afraid to request services if you need them.

For more details on how to clean your kitchen hood system, contact a restaurant hood cleaning company today.