Commercial Cleaning Services Can Keep Your Salon Safer

As the owner of a salon or a spa, atop your goals list, right next to client satisfaction should be client safety. Did you know that including professional cleaning services with your upkeep regimen can help you accomplish the latter goal? A salon can be a busy place, and believe it or not, a harboring spot for all sorts of germs and bacteria. Learn how commercial cleaning services can benefit your business.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Business owners assume a great deal of liability, in the event that a client is injured on the premises of the salon — it is highly likely that the business will be liable. You can minimize your liability risk and keep your customers safe by keeping the floors clean.

Product buildup on the floor and incorrect cleaning procedures, such as using too much wax, can make the floor slippery and increase the risk of a client slipping and falling. Not only will a commercial cleaning company ensure your floors remain clean, but they will use the appropriate technique for your floor type to prevent the floor from becoming a hazard.

Surface Sanitation                                                 

Again, the average salon can see tens of customers each day, and in a large salon, this number may top one hundred. Clients bring in all sorts of bacteria and other germs that they leave behind on all the surfaces they touch, including the styling chairs and waiting room seating.

To prevent the spread of germs from client to client, a commercial cleaning company will clean and periodically deep clean these surfaces to get rid of germs. It is also worth noting that these cleanings can also increase the lifespan of your furniture.

Equipment Function

A commercial cleaning company can also help ensure your equipment operates safely. Take a tanning bed, for example. In addition to a general clean with each use, a deep clean is also important. Particularly when it comes to dust, an excessive buildup can block the fans and vents on the exterior of the machine, which could prevent it from cooling properly.

In the event the machine overheats, there is a potential that a client could suffer a burn. Regular services that include a thorough cleaning help prevent burns and keep the equipment in good working order.

If you want to take advantage of these benefits, contact a commercial cleaning company to discuss options and pricing for their services.