What Carpet Cleaning Technique Is Suitable For Your Carpet?

Allowing professionals to clean your carpet eliminates stains, maintains a healthier living environment, extends the carpet's lifespan, and gives the house a fresh look. Vacuuming it will only work for a limited period, and before you know it, you will be dealing with stains, odors, and lots of dirt that accumulates beneath the fibers. 

Carpet cleaning professionals use several techniques to clean carpets, so it's essential to identify which method is suitable. Different situations require a unique cleaning solution, so read through this post to learn the common techniques you may consider.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

If you want the best deep cleaning action for your carpet that won't ruin the color or structure of your carpet, you should go for hot water extraction carpet cleaning. First, the experts will pre-condition the soiled carpets to loosen the grime and dirt. Then, they will use pressurized hot water mixed with a high-quality carpet cleaning solution to stir and remove all the stains and dust from the rug. 

As the hot water is splashed onto the carpet, a rotary brush is used to reinforce the cleaning process, eliminating all the dirt and stains. The rug is rinsed using warm water and air-dried for several hours. The drying process usually takes longer, but the experts can hasten the procedure by using a dehumidifier and a wet vacuum.

Steam Cleaning

Another method experts use to clean carpets is with steam. This technique is often suitable for many situations, except when you are dealing with extra tough stains or need to dry clean the rug. Steam cleaning works for families with allergies or sensitivity to chemicals and soaps since the cleaners only use steam to clean the carpet. 

The hot steam kills bacteria that are thriving in the carpet fibers. Then, it lifts off the dirt from the fibers, removing the debris and most stains. You can also rely on this technique to eliminate any odors caused by pet urine. Note that the hot steam can be strong for certain fibers, so make sure you consult your professional before repeating the process.

Encapsulation Cleaning

If you are looking for an effective way to clean your carpet without wasting water, you should choose encapsulation cleaning. The experts use special cleaning products that create forms while cleaning the filthy carpet. Once washed, they let the foam dry up, so it turns to granular powder. 

After the drying procedure is complete, commercial-grade vacuums are used to suck the powdery solids from the carpet. Most people prefer this method because it saves water and has a fast drying time.