Planning a Christmas Party? Use A Soft Washer on Dirty Siding

If you are planning to have a Christmas party this year and you noticed the siding is dirty on your house, then there are many ways you can get it clean. One way to do this is to use soft washing. Below is information on what this is as well as some benefits of choosing this to get your home's siding clean.

Soft Washing

Soft washing is like the little brother to power washing. It still washes but is not as powerful. This means, however, that soft washing will not damage the surface of what you are cleaning but will still get it clean. To try it, you have to purchase a soft washing system. You can find this in some home improvement stores as well as online.

With soft washing, water runs through a hose and a pump using little pressure. The pump is attached to a wand or pressure washing gun. You can also have the pump attached to a garden hose and then use the hose to spray the cleaning solution onto your home. 

Different cleaning solutions can be used with a soft washing system. One is using bleach and water, or you can purchase a cleaning solution specifically made to wash the siding on a home. 

Soft Washing Benefits

One big benefit of soft washing your home is that it kills algae, mold, and a variety of bacteria on the side of your home. This is especially true if you use bleach as the cleaning solution. Soft washing also ensures your home stays looking beautiful. Keeping the siding clean will make it look new all the time. Dirty siding looks old and can make your entire home look bad.

Soft washing also helps protect against pests, such as rodents, birds, and roaches. This is because pests are not as likely to get in a home if you soft wash it regularly. Soft washing can also save you money as your siding will last longer if it is kept clean. Along those same lines, using the soft washing system on your roof offers the same benefits since roofs last longer when they stay clean. 

If you do not want to purchase a soft washing system yourself, there are cleaning services that can provide this type of cleaning for you. Ask the company what other services they offer so your entire home will be clean for your guests.