How To Prepare For A Chimney Sweep

Sitting around a fire with loved ones is a pleasurable experience, but a damaged chimney can deprive you of this. Your chimney may get damaged due to aging, physical damage, and exposure to weather elements. Hence, proper maintenance is essential, and that includes performing a chimney sweep. Here's how to prepare for chimney sweeping.

Don't Use the Fireplace on the Day of the Sweep

Once the chimney sweep company confirms the appointment date, avoid using the fireplace on that day. That's because the chimney walls may absorb the heat, and the professionals may have to wait a long time before the walls cool, resulting in time wastage. Ensure that the fireplace is cool for the chimney cleaners to complete the job fast.

Clear the Fireplace

You need to clear the fireplace and remove firewood, ashes, and firebox grate to give the chimney sweep professionals an easy time accessing the chimney. Additionally, remove any decor around the chimney area, such as pictures and art pieces, to avoid any damages. While the chimney cleaning professionals may be insured, you need to protect your belongings by clearing the chimney area to prevent property damage.

Cover Your Furniture

During a chimney sweep, ashes and dirt may blow out of the chimney and settle on surrounding areas. Therefore, cover all your furniture to prevent dirt from settling on these surfaces. When the dirt settles on your furniture, you may spend more money on cleaning services.

Contain Your Pets

If you own pets such as cats that like playing around your home, you need to contain them. The pets may sustain injuries during the chimney sweep as the professionals go about their duties. You can clear the yard and have your pets play there and return them indoors later.

Talk to Your Children

Talking to your kids is essential to let them know that you don't expect them to be around the chimney area at the time of the chimney sweep. That's because the cleaning task can be risky since the experts use tools such as vacuums that your kids can easily trip over, possibly leading to injuries. You can create outdoor activities for your children to engage in on the chimney cleaning day.

Inform the Chimney Sweeping Company About Your Concerns

You may be having concerns regarding your chimney, such as foul odors and the presence of excess moisture. You should inform the chimney sweep company about these concerns to help them know the areas they need to focus on more.

With these useful tips, you can prepare for your chimney sweep accordingly.