Choosing Janitorial Services For Your Office Or Facility

In any business, keeping the office or facility clean is essential. If you are considering a janitorial service for the job, you need to make sure that you find one that can handle all of the services you need. Some services specialize in specific areas, so you may need to find one that can provide the cleaning service you need in your industry. 

Determine What You Need

Before hiring janitorial services for your business, you may want to take some time and determine what you you need to have done and how often you need someone to do it. Some cleaning services offer daily cleaning and for office spaces that might be important. Other janitorial services may offer weekly cleaning or set up on a custom schedule to meet the needs of your business. 

Determining what you need from the service and how often you need them to come and clean your business should be the first step. Once you know when you want them there, you can decide what services you need when they arrive. Most large commercial janitorial services have clients in your industry, so they can help you determine your needs by comparing what similar businesses have done in their facilities. 

Scheduling The Cleaning Services

If you run a busy office, you may not want to have cleaning staff there while you are working. Often things like vacuuming the rugs or mopping the floors can get in the way during business hours, so after-hours cleaning may be a better option. If you have security in the building already, they can let the janitorial services in and assist them with any access they need throughout the night. 

If you don't have security on the property, you will need to find another option for allowing the janitorial services access to the building after-hours. Some companies issue a key to the cleaning company that enables the supervisor to open the door and let the crew in, and then secure the building when they are done. You can work with a locksmith to make a key that only opens specific rooms in the building if needed, but in most cases, only a supervisor with a good history with the company will have access to the key for your business. 

Some commercial janitorial services will have staff that can work during business hours if you prefer. You may need to work out a schedule to ensure that they are cleaning in specific areas when there is less happening there or vacuum during lunch breaks, for example.

Work out the restrictions and schedule with the company, and they can be sure that employees are in the areas that need to be at the time of day you need them to be there.