Is Your Senior Parent Struggling With Their Laundry? 4 Benefits Of Arranging For Dry Cleaning Pick Up Services

Senior adults have usually been doing their own laundry for years. Modern appliances may take a large chunk out of the work involved with getting clothes clean, and your loved one might still struggle with basic parts of this chore such as carrying a heavy laundry basket. Seniors also tend to let their laundry pile up during times when they are too sick or tired to manage the task. Dry cleaning pickup services can help you make sure that your parent isn't overwhelmed by this common chore while also offering these additional benefits.

Minimize How Often They Need to Drive

Your parent may already enjoy having certain items dry cleaned. However, they may put off this service if they don't feel safe driving to and from the business. Pickup services allow your loved one to simply put their clothing in a designated spot on the front porch where a professional will collect them and bring them back when they are clean.

Make Sure They Have Clean Clothes

At some point, just about everyone will need to wear the same shirt twice without washing it. However, seniors might end up wearing the same piece of clothing for far too long during times when they cannot do their laundry. Your loved one needs clean clothes to protect their skin from infections and rashes. Arranging for dry cleaning pickup lets you know that they always have fresh clothing to wear, and you can even check in with your service to make sure that your loved one is putting out their clothes.

Reduce the Risk of Them Getting Hurt

Doing laundry might not seem dangerous until you think about how heavy a basket full of clothing can be. Your loved one may also need to bend, stoop, and stretch their bodies to reach clothing in their washer or dryer. Having a professional handle their cleaning makes it less likely that your loved one will pop a joint out of socket just to get their shirt ready to wear.

Keep Clothing in Good Condition for Longer

Dry cleaning helps to get stains out of clothing that might be otherwise nearly impossible to remove. Your loved one's clothing will also last longer if it is washed according to the manufacturer's directions. Since many garments today are expected to be dry cleaned, arranging for a pickup service makes sure that your loved one's clothing is always laundered in the best way possible to preserve the fabric.