How To Keep Your Tile Floors Clean With The Help Of A Floor Cleaning Company

A ceramic tile floor is a good choice for a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room that might get wet often. Tile floors resist water damage, and they are durable and long lasting. They do tend to get dull and dirty with age though, even if you clean them often. Here's a look at how a floor cleaning company can help keep your floors clean and beautiful.

How A Floor Cleaning Company Cleans Tile Floors 

You can sweep and mop your tile floors daily, but that won't keep them from getting dull with age. The tiles need to be deep cleaned regularly in the same way you have your carpet professionally cleaned. The floor cleaning company uses commercial equipment that can clean the floors far better than possible by hand. The equipment can force water into the floor and then extract it so that the tiles and grout are deep cleaned. Grout lines can be scrubbed by machine if necessary to get them clean and bright again. After you've had your floor cleaned professionally, it may look brighter and shades lighter. You may not even realize how dirty your floor was until you see how much better it looks when it's been cleaned.

What You Can Do To Keep Your Tile Floors Clean

Ceramic tiles are porous, so they soak up a small amount of liquid from the surface. If the mop water you use to clean the floor gets dirty as you use it, then the dirty water can seep into the tiles. Over time, this dirt causes discoloration. This effect is even worse in the grout lines between the tiles. Grout is porous too, and the lines collect dirt when you sweep or mop. The grout lines on your floor will probably become dirty and unsightly before the tiles.

It's important to vacuum or sweep the floors to get rid of dirt and grit before you mop them so that the mop water stays clean. Getting rid of sand and grit is important for another reason too. Grit wears away the glossy finish on the tiles making them look dull, and without the coating, the tiles will get dirty faster.

Wet mopping frequently keeps your floors clean, but you'll probably want to have the tiles and grout professionally cleaned on a regular basis to keep them looking their best. Having your tile floors cleaned at the same time you have the carpet in your home cleaned is a good habit you may want to establish. Since grout gets dirty fairly fast due to its porous nature, you may want to seal it once it's clean to keep dirt from soaking in between cleanings.