Information You Need To Give Commercial Window Cleaners

Commercial window cleaning is big business, especially in big cities. Thousands of windows need to be cleaned every day to keep commercial buildings looking their best. If you need to hire a commercial window cleaner, you will need to provide the company receptionist or business owner with several pieces of important information. All of this information determines the price, frequency, number of cleaning employees, etc. that the job will require. Have the following information on hand when you call a commercial window cleaning company.

The Specific Address of the Building

The cleaners need to know exactly which buildings need their windows cleaned. The last thing anybody wants is for the cleaners to receive a vague location and clean the windows of the building across the street from yours, and then you get the bill. Tell the person that answers the cleaning company's phones the exact address on the front of the building above the main entrance doors.

The Number of Floors or Stories

The number of floors or stories tells the cleaning company whether they will need to lower a platform down from the roof to clean windows or they can just bring a ladder truck or cherry-picker truck to reach all the windows. Being prepared ahead of time reduces delays in the completion of your window cleaning services. If you happen to know the number of windows across the front and along one side of the building, that helps too. (If your building is almost entirely glass windows with steel frames, tell the company that your building is "all glass.")

Whether or Not There Is a Cleaner's Platform on the Roof

Window cleaners frequently use a self-lowering or powered work platform on which to stand while cleaning windows. These platforms are bolted to the roof. If you do not know if your building has one, check the roof before you call. It makes a big difference in the equipment the cleaners bring with them.

Your Payment and Expected Start Date

Finally, if you are going to pay in advance, supply your company's debit or credit card number or have a check delivered. Provide the expected start date of when you want the cleaners to begin. The company may be a little booked up for a few weeks, so be prepared for that possibility. Take the next available date in their work schedule and put it on your company calendar.