How To Clean Mold From Shower Curtains

If your bathroom smells musty near the tub, check the shower curtains for mold, which may appear in black, orange, pink, or green patches. Mold thrives in moist environments, which makes shower curtains susceptible. 

Not treating mold can lead to health risks to those with compromised immune systems, so it is essential to clean it as soon as possible. Clean mold from shower curtains following these steps.

Prepare to Clean the Shower Curtain Mold

To clean shower curtain mold, gather:

  • plastic gloves
  • soft brush
  • cloths
  • baking soda
  • white vinegar 
  • fresh lemon
  • salt
  • chlorine bleach  or oxygen bleach
  • borax spray bottle

Open a window to ventilate, or run an exhaust fan, and wear an old long-sleeved shirt. Wear a respirator for added protection from breathing mold spores. Mold in showers can be caused by busted pipes and leaky ceiling, so find the problem, and get it fixed. 

Wash the Plastic Curtain

When you transfer curtains, keep them folded slightly to keep the mold on it. Detach the curtain from the fasteners, or slide it off the rod, and wash it in the machine on the 'gentle' cycle with the normal laundry detergent. 

Balance the load by adding two or three medium-size bath towels, then toss in one-half cup of baking soda. While it is in the rinse cycle, pour a half-cup of vinegar in the water.

If mold still remains repeat the process with one-half cup of chlorine bleach and one-half cup of detergent. Don't add other cleaners to bleach. Run it through the dryer for ten minutes, and hang it back up to dry.

If you don't have a washer, clean them by hand. Spread the curtain on a flat surface. Combine one part oxygen bleach with four parts of water in a spray bottle, then mist the curtains. 

Let the mixture stand several minutes, then use a damp cloth or soft brush to wipe the mixture. If you prefer, use one part vinegar combine in one part warm water in the same manner. Wash tools that came into contact with mold.

Treat Mold on Fabric Curtains

To treat mold on fabric curtains, cut a fresh lemon in half, and squeeze juice in a container. Keep mixing in salt until it forms a paste. Work the mixture into the fabric, let it stand 30 minutes, then wipe it off the curtain using a damp rag. Hang the curtain to dry, but don't wring the fabric.

For stubborn mold, mix equal parts of borax and water. Gently brush the mixture on the fabric, rinse, and let it dry. 

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