Ensure That Technicians Employed At Your Laboratory Maintain A Clean Environment And Handle Blood In A Responsible Manner

If you own a laboratory and oversee technicians who are responsible for analyzing blood and disposing of human body fluids after tests are completed, maintaining a clean environment and handling blood in a responsible manner will keep you and your employees safe and will prevent fluids from becoming misplaced. Use the tips below to introduce safety guidelines to your staff members and ensure that they follow the rules:

Hold A Staff Meeting And Stress The Importance Of Cleanliness

Hold a staff meeting to discuss the importance of following safety guidelines and following them on a daily basis. Tell the technicians that you understand that their jobs may seem hectic at times and they may feel that cutting corners will benefit them, but that you would rather see their jobs executed properly so that everyone remains safe while working and blood samples are not accidentally lost.

Create a list of cleaning responsibilities and post it next to the break room. Designate specific people to handle tasks and inspect the premises each night before heading home to make sure that cleaning has been performed properly. 

Prepare A Clothing And Gear Station And Checklist

Prepare a clothing and gear station next to a sink that your employees use to wash their hands. Hang laboratory jackets from hooks and place face masks, surgical gloves, and hair nets on a shelving unit. Post a checklist next to the clothing and gear station that lists the items that workers are required to wear.

Upon arrival to the facility, technicians need to be told to wash their hands before putting on the required outfit before beginning tasks for the day. By having all of the items neatly contained in one area, technicians won't be likely to forget washing their hands or to don their gear before heading into their work quarters. 

Transport Waste In A Responsible Manner And Report Spills Immediately

If biohazard containers are installed in workrooms, request that your workers dispose of items promptly and refrain from handling body fluids with their bare hands. After waste receptacles are filled, contact a company that transports and disposes of body fluids and other biohazards so that the blood can be picked up from your business.

If the company requests that the receptacles are brought outdoors or placed in one area where they can be picked up at the same time, have a couple of workers transport receptacles on a flatbed cart. If an accident occurs in which one or more receptacles falls on the floor and tips over, resulting in blood spilling onto the floor, do not hesitate to contact a biohazard clean up service.

After making the call, tell your workers to remove themselves from the room so that they do not come into contact with the body fluids. Contact a company like CSI Cleaning Specialist Inc for more information and assistance.