A Residential Carpet Cleaner May Be Able To Handle These Cleaning Jobs, Too

When it comes to making your home neat and tidy, cleaning your own carpets and rugs is a job that can take considerable time — and often leave you with results that are less than favorable. Instead of investing your time and effort to get a so-so finished product, you won't regret hiring a residential carpet cleaning service to handle this task for you. With high-powered machinery and plenty of experience with all manners of stains, the cleaning crew will transform the look of your carpets and rugs. Since the cleaning crew is already coming to your home, you might also wish to see if it could take care of these additional cleaning jobs, too:


Many families keep their mattresses around too long, and the reality is that while you should be changing your mattresses regularly, a professional cleaning can go a long way toward removing stains and even getting rid of dust mites and other allergens. Many residential carpet cleaning services can successfully clean your mattresses in addition to cleaning your carpets and may be able to do so during the same visit to your home. A cleaner mattress will contain fewer allergens, which means that you may find you're waking up with less nasal congestion than in the past.


Curtains and other draperies throughout your home can absorb the smells from your cooking, as well as get filled with dust when they're not cleaned regularly. It can be a hassle to clean your curtains on your own. Not only is the curtain rod difficult to reach without a ladder, but the process of removing the curtain from the rod — and then having to put it back up afterward — can take considerable time. You'll appreciate delegating this cleaning job to your cleaning service when a crew visits your home to take care of your carpets.


Although you might have some luck removing stains from your upholstery if you react quickly, this isn't always possible. The result can be ugly stains on your couches and upholstered chairs, which can be an eyesore that is especially embarrassing when people visit your home. By the time a stain has set, your methods of attempting to remove it can often fall short. The high-powered cleaning equipment in the arsenal of your residential carpet cleaning service can often be enough to successfully lift even older upholstery stains, making your furniture look like new again.