Tips For Maintaining The Carpet In Your Office Building

The carpet in your office building needs to be cleaned, just like your carpet at home. The difference is that a commercial carpet gets much more foot traffic, so it needs to be cleaned more often to prolong its life and keep it from looking dirty. Establishing a schedule with a commercial carpet cleaner is a good idea so your carpets stay fresh and your office is appealing to clients and staff. Here are a few tips for using a carpet cleaning service:

Consider Method Of Cleaning

It's important to follow the carpet manufacturer's instructions when it comes to cleaning. Steam cleaning is often the method of choice because it does a good job and it doesn't harm most types of fibers. However, if you have fragile or decorative area rugs, be sure you understand their special needs. An experienced carpet cleaning company can help you choose the best method for cleaning all the carpet and rugs in your building. Another thing to consider is drying time. If you can't schedule the work for slow or off hours, you want a carpet cleaning method that dries quickly so your clients and staff can walk on the rug right away.

Clean High Traffic Areas More Often

Limit the inconvenience of cleaning all the carpets in your building by focusing on high traffic areas the most frequently. Rooms that get little use can go much longer between cleanings. Hallways, workrooms, and carpet near entryways should be cleaned frequently since these get the most wear and tear. Regular cleaning not only keeps dirt and stains out of the carpet so it looks nice, it keeps the carpet smelling fresh, and it also keeps the carpet in good shape by removing damaging grit from the fibers.

Use Additional Cleaning Services

Your carpet cleaner may offer additional services you can use regularly too such as upholstery cleaning. It is important to keep chairs clean and smelling fresh in client waiting rooms. Your carpet cleaner may provide a service that cleans upholstered furniture in a manner similar to carpet cleaning that removes dirt and stains and leaves behind a fresh scent. Stain repellent may be added also to protect the fabric between cleanings.

The company may also offer steam cleaning of stone floors in employee snack rooms and bathrooms. Having these professionally cleaned occasionally cuts down on germs and keeps the grout lines clean.

Several factors affect how often your office building should have the carpets cleaned. The most important consideration is the number of people coming and going each day. Commercial carpets get a lot of wear and tear so they need frequent care to keep them looking nice. In addition to professional cleaning, your janitorial staff should vacuum the carpets daily and clean up spills as soon as they happen.

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