Working On A Major Remodel? Make Plans For Carpet Cleaning Afterward

Whether you are taking on the huge responsibility of remodeling by yourself or you have hired professionals from various trades to help with planning and labor, it is inevitable for your home to get dirty. It is possible to minimize how much wear and tear happens with proper planning, such as putting up plastic sheets at the doorways to block construction dust from spreading to other parts of the house. Putting drop cloths will also reduce how much dirt and grime your carpet picks up, but you should expect it to be quite dirty after you have spent several weeks or months on a substantial remodel. So it is best to make plans with a carpet cleaning company like Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Inc to have them come over as soon as you are finished.

Keep Up with Cleaning

Most professionals will work on the weekdays and take the weekends off, which is the perfect opportunity to clean the house. To prevent dirt that is on the carpet from only getting more embedded into the carpet once the new week starts, you want to vacuum the entire house and the remodeling area. It may require you to pick up things and move around floor covers, but it is worth it to minimize carpet deterioration.

Cover Certain Areas

While the professionals may cover some of their workspace without you having to say anything, you should not stop there. The main entrances that the professionals use are places that should be covered. Since the workers will be wearing work boots while they are going in and out of your home, you will want to keep as much dirt and grime that comes from their boots from getting on the carpet all around. Rugs, plastic mats, and even tarps that you have lying around can provide you with an adequate solution.

Find a Flexible Schedule

It is common for remodeling projects to have deadlines and then those get extended. After the remodeling is complete, you do not want to be living in a dirty house with your family. So you want to find a carpet cleaning company that is flexible enough to be able to provide service on rather short notice. You can give them an estimated date as to when you will need carpet cleaning, but it may take until a week or so before the entire remodel is finished to have an accurate date that you can give the professionals.