Painting Your House? Two Mistakes To Avoid

Choosing to paint the outside of your home might seem like a sensible, simple solution if the place has started to look a bit unsightly over the years. It may seem like a straightforward project that you can accomplish without much trouble. However, if you don't do a couple of things, you could make a mess without knowing why. Here are just a couple of errors that are easily made.

Using Wrong Paint

When you select the paint colors for your siding and trim, your focus is sure to be on cost, the colors you're choosing and whether or not the paint will withstand rain, sun, and other environmental factors. Once you've selected a particular paint and gathered your other supplies, you'll be ready to go, or so you think.

However, before you purchase paint you need to know you're using the proper paint type: oil or latex. If you make an error here, you'll find that the paint doesn't adhere very well and you could end up dealing with a lot of peeling in the future. Only cover oil-based paint with an oil-based liquid and only put new latex paint on existing latex.

How do you know whether the windows, trim, siding, and doors have been covered with latex or oil? There's a simple test you can do to find out, called the acetone test. Saturate a cotton swab or ball with either straight acetone or nail polish remover, and then do your best to rub off a small spot of paint. Do you see paint on the cotton? If you do not, you've got oil-based paint. If the acetone has worked and you see paint on your swab or ball, that's latex.

Not Washing Surfaces First

Once you've assembled all your supplies and want to start, you may dip your roller in paint and begin right away. This could cause problems, unfortunately, because you've failed to wash and dry the surface you want to paint. Washing a surface is vital because it removes dust, stains and other debris that could make it hard for the paint to adhere well and might lead to cracks, flakes and other issues. Take some time to scrub the area you want to paint and allow it to dry completely before working on your paint job.

Even if you realize later that you've made the above mistakes, you can still fix things. Discuss your house with a residential painting service that can ensure your home looks the way you want it to.