Caring For Your Company’s Laminate Flooring

When it comes to maintaining an attractive office space, keeping the floors in your commercial building clean is important. Dirty flooring can leave a bad impression on potential customers and clients, so learning how to properly care for your floors should be a priority. If you have laminate flooring in your commercial space, this type of flooring requires some specific maintenance in order to remain looking its best. Here are three simple tips that you can use to better care for your company's laminate flooring in the future.

1. Sweep the floor regularly.

Laminate flooring is popular in commercial spaces because it is durable and can withstand high levels of traffic on a daily basis. To ensure that the dirt and debris tracked onto the floor by customers and employees doesn't mar the surface of the laminate planks, you should take the time to sweep the floor regularly. Be sure that you are using a broom with soft bristles so that you don't damage your laminate flooring in your attempt to keep it clean.

2. Avoid excessive amounts of water when cleaning.

When it's time to deep clean your laminate flooring, you should avoid the use of excessive water during the mopping process. If water gets underneath your laminate planks, it could cause your company's flooring to deteriorate over time. Instead of using a traditional mop to complete the cleaning process, try using a steam mop instead.

Steam mops don't rely on copious amounts of water to clean a floor. Instead, they create steam that helps to loosen up the dirt molecules adhering to your laminate flooring. Any moisture left behind by the steam can be removed with a microfiber cloth to keep your commercial flooring structurally sound over time. Remember to only use floor cleaning solution designed to work for your flooring and your steam mop. 

3. Don't polish planks, replace them.

If you notice that there are some scratches or gouges in the surface of your laminate flooring, you may be tempted to apply a coat of polish to the floor in order to eliminate these blemishes. Laminate flooring does not share the porous properties of hardwood flooring, which means it cannot soak up the polish applied to it.

This means that any polish you apply to your laminate floors will turn into an unsightly film that mars the surface of your commercial space. Try replacing any damaged planks in your company's laminate floor to keep it looking aesthetically pleasing well into the future.

Being able to properly care for your company's laminate flooring will ensure that you can present a comfortable and attractive commercial space to your employees, customers, and clients in the future.