Keep Your Cool: How To Remove Kool-Aid Stains From Light-Colored Carpet

White or light-colored carpets and Kool-aid don't mix. If you find a Kool-aid stain on your white carpet, keep your cool. It is possible to remove the stain, provided you act fast. Here are tips to remove Kool-aid stains from light-colored carpets

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • vacuum
  • white cloths
  • mild liquid dish detergent
  • vinegar
  • borax
  • ammonia
  • warm iron

Run a vacuum over the carpet to remove debris. Pre-treat the stain by blotting with a white cloth beginning from the outside to the center. Don't use colored cloths, as the dyes could come off on the carpet.

Do not rub, or you will push the stain further in the fibers. Try to blot as much of the stain a possible.

Apply Dish Soap and Vinegar

Combine a cup of warm water with half a teaspoon of liquid dish soap. Moisten the cloth in the solution, and blot the stain. For large stain areas, wring the cloth over a sink, soak the cloth in the solution again, and blot. Change cloths as needed.

Moisten a clean cloth, and push it on the stain. Set a heavy object on the cloth for ten minutes to allow time for the mixture to remove the stain. Remove the cloth, and rinse with clean water.

If dish soap isn't enough to remove the stain, mix two cups of warm water with a fourth cup of white vinegar. Dab the stain with a clean rag. You may also add vinegar to the dish soap solution.

Clean with Ammonia

Open windows to ventilate when you clean with ammonia to avoid inhaling fumes. Heat up your iron on the highest setting marked for cotton. 

Mix equal portions of water and ammonia in a bucket. You may also use a clear window cleaner, if you don't have ammonia handy. Stir the solution with the wooden spoon. 

Pour a small amount of the solution on the stain, but don't over do it.  If the stain area is large, pour a little solution at time. Lay a white cloth or towel over the stain.

Use an Iron

For tough stains, consider adding some steam. Keep the iron on the stain for ten minutes. Listen for a sizzle, which means the towel or cloth is absorbing the stain. Repeat the process in small sections until the stain has been removed.

Clean any spills you notice on carpet immediately. If you don't trust your skill, or the stains won't come out after trying all of these methods, contact a cleaning service, such as Fresh Start Cleaning.