Got A Stain On Your Carpet? 3 Things To Know

It is easy to drop something on your carpets; if you end up with a stain really depends on how you react when it happens. Here are three things you need to know when treating a potential stain on your carpet.

#1 Always Blot The Stain

The first thing that you need to know is that you should always blot at the stain. To blot at the stain, you use a cloth or paper towel to put as little pressure as possible on the stain. This is a great way to soak up whatever is on the carpet without making the stain bigger.

What you should never do is rub the stain into the carpet. Rubbing it will only push whatever it is that you are trying to clean up deeper into the carpet fibers. This can cause the stain to settle into your carpet and may even cause the fibers of your carpet to be damaged. 

When you drop something on your carpet, blot it up, starting on the outside of the area and working your way inward. This is the way to ensure that the stain doesn't spread or damage your carpet fibers.

#2 Go Simple With Removal Methods

When you have a stain on your carpet, don't get carried away. Start with simple removal methods first. One of the best ways to clean your carpet is with club soda. Apply club soda with a cloth or with a spray bottle to the stain and let it sit for about ten minutes or so; then use a sponge to clean up and absorb the soda and the stain. Once the stain is gone, rinse the area with a little warm water and blot it dry with some towels. 

If club soda doesn't do the trick, you may be able to use some dishwashing soap and water to clean up the stain by applying it, letting it soak, blotting it away, and rinsing the area. 

Don't use harsh chemicals or cleaners; start with the least harsh method that will do the least amount of damage to your carpet, then go up from there when cleaning a stain. 

#3 Steam Clean Regularly

You don't need to rent a huge vacuum cleaner from the grocery store to steam clean your carpet. You can purchase a small steam cleaning vacuum for the rental price of larger equipment. Use this steam cleaner on your carpet every few months in heavy traffic areas in your home. 

This is a great way to remove the dirt that gets deep in your carpet that you don't see or notice at first glance. It is also a great way to remove stains from your carpet. If a stain doesn't come up with the other methods that you try, you can always get out your steam vacuum and use it to spot clean the area. It may be able to lift off the stain that you were not able to get out otherwise. 

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